Questions & thoughts to ponder

Here is the link to the new presentation, please download the PowerPoint and view in Show Mode. 

ARMY PINK POWERPOINT (click here to open & download)

A couple of questions and thoughts to ponder for our call;

    1. The animations are expressive through body language – less so when static. - Correct. The Peacemakers are intended for mini-scenes, both animated in social media and static in certain product applications with their body poses conveying their emotions. The visual priorities for product applications is 1) Logo, 2) Tank, 3) Peacemakers.
    2. Have you ever explored facial features on your characters? - Here is a jpeg of some thoughts, my feeling is that this will require a discussion about the brand and what you feel it needs. Here is Olivia happy, angry and meditating for world peace!  
  • I know your Brand is to about supporting PEACE as a theme…but I had a thought…
  • Have you ever considered expanding the cause to other purposes? 
  • ARMY PINK could represent a variety of woman’s initiatives to a wider range of audiences and opportunities…
  • ARMY PINK SAVES THE WORLD!                                     
    • By example, ARMY PINK could pivot to take on themes of health and humanity at a time of GLOBAL VIRUS PANIC and FEAR. - Yes to all of that. Army Pink stands for peace and love in all its social variants for positive change. Here is an idea of a woman's initiative with an organization called Peace Over Violence, they also have a program called Schools Over Violence for middle and high school kids. Additionally, I was speaking with a second organization, Girl Up,  about working on an initiative with Army Pink. Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide. The mission of peace can support an endless number of initiatives, the goal is to find ones that will have the greatest impact for the target audience and that best suit the age range of that audience.   
    • Your updated brand presentation is looking good;   Thanks! A lot more has been added to the latest version, the link to download it is at both the beginning and end of our Q&A.
    • Please add a timeline slide of the brand events from 2001 until now? Timeline has been added to the updated presentation.  
    • Please add a slide that lists ALL your Partners, Licensees, Retailer Supporters, Celebs, Influencers, etc. over time (don’t need to be current). - More information on retailers and celebs have been added to the updated presentation. As far as licensees, I didn't work with any aside from two companies in Canada called Howick and Stylekraft for denim. In the US I went on a meeting a very long time ago to NTD Apparel and met with Henry Stupp. At that time the collection was skirts and dresses, the only place where Army Pink and the logos really appeared was on the inside label. After this time, some boutiques had requested a designer label that would match the collections, though for me the label was the cutest part so I decided to change the collection and bring them to the outside instead. After this happened I met at Jerry Leigh, with Andrew Leigh. I mentioned this on our last call-  that he kept inviting people into the meeting at which point they all agreed that Army Pink could be an 80 million dollar annual brand for them. The brand has developed and grown substantially since that time. Andrew Leigh called me days after the meeting to tell me that he felt Army Pink needed to be it's own thing and have it's own flagship store. He said he was thinking about it though I never heard back, then everything fell apart in China the month that followed that meeting. Army Pink today can be it's own thing on the Army Pink website, like Fashion Nova. I do not have any partners, my hope is that you will be my partner. I do have an Army Pink friend & advisor, Bill Hensley. Bill was the head of marketing at Sanrio and in charge of Hello Kitty for 16 years. In 2012, I saw his profile on LinkedIn and messaged him about helping me relaunch Army Pink so he flew down from up north that week and we began to work on things.  I became pregnant with my son in mid-2012 and again with my daughter right after. My kids are 11 months apart in age. Unfortunately my marriage ended not long after my daughter was born, so I was left to take care of them full time by myself. It was not the right time to relaunch the brand and I decided to wait until my kids were school age, now they are in kindergarten and first grade. All parts of my life are perfectly aligned for the relaunch so I set off to do so in September 2019. Bill was featured in the 2018 Netflix documentary, The Toys that Made Us. Here he is!
      And here they are, along with a picture of my wedding cake which was the Army Pink tank of course!  
    • Please compile how much revenue has been created with AP since inception? Between 2002- 2007 Army Pink created a million dollars in revenue. 2002 and early years were a mix of vintage, handmade and small special collections. I worked by myself on everything throughout those years. As soon as the brand transitioned to the point of being Juniors activewear, it crashed from a bad production in China just as things were getting going on a larger scale. I had transitioned the production from DTLA to China after a company in Japan contacted me and asked to import Army Pink for their catalog.   
    • Please clarify your social media following with current numbers? - Army Pink has 28 million Giphy views. The Giphy goes up by 100k plus views per day. That is the platform that I am currently focused on. I am also focused on the blog and telling stories with giphs and animation. The blogs are linked to Pinterest which leads people to the website. The blog can discuss any of the issues that Army Pink is supporting and has also been imagined as Olivia's Memoirs, allowing the Peacemakers to go on adventures. Part of the wishlist that I sent to you notes the need to grow social media and have an overall strategy. When Army Pink was in retail we did not have any social media pages. In 2012 I set up Facebook and Instagram for a special event that we did and worked with influencers and celebrities- it will make more sense once you see the timeline. I recently posted some content so that the pages have current posts. By now, those pages are being followed by old accounts and inactive users. The goal going forward is to partner with some influencers/ initiatives to launch Army Pink on the preferred platforms and build a community of superfans. Youtube is the #1 area that I would love to see grow by partnering with a great Youtuber.                   

    Here is the link to the new presentation:

    ARMY PINK POWERPOINT (click here to open & download)


    Here are Olivia's first memoirs:

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