Posted on June 21 2020


Hi, I'm Olivia.

I am a free spirit who is lively, animated, and adventurous. My friends look to me for inspiration and ideas. I'm always wearing my pink shoes and a pink flower in my hair.

I'm a proud Peacemaker.

What's a Peacemaker? It's anyone who's making a statement by promoting peace in their everyday lives. While my friends and I may have our unique personalities, we have the same end goal. To spread peace around the world using the sound of our music and the power of our voices!

This is Oliver. Sometimes we think he's too serious, but Oliver is the organizer in our group, he always coming up with the ideas of how to get things done.

Our peace tours wouldn't be so organized without him.
You bet his canine pal Valentino is by his side for every stop on our peace tours.

Meet Harmony. She's a guitar-strumming ball of energy. She's the most musical out of the four of us. She can almost always be seen with her signature pink guitar.


Her goal is to write a new song every day, most often about peace and... you guessed it... harmony.

Next, we have Axel, the supportive soul. He's the one who helps us find solutions that work for us all. Harmony' s latest songs are almost always playing on the newest gadget stashed in his pocket. He makes the best playlists. They're literally the soundtracks to our lives!

Here is Valentine. Valentino is the fashion icon of the band. The only thing that rivals his love of peace may be couture. The impeccably dressed pooch is Oliver's constant companion.

Last but not least is our leader, Corazón. Corazón spreads the Army Pink message of love in the most direct way.

—shooting hearts wherever she goes. Sometimes you'll see her dressed in "Olivia" green, but given her choice, she'll stick to her favorite color—Army Pink!

My friends and I travel the world to spread peace by playing our music.


You could say the music we create is a bit magical.

When we play, our message of peace overtakes the audience.

It makes them second guess violence and anger.
Sometimes, we get special requests…


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