Posted on June 21 2020



Valentino received a letter from his friend, and permanent pen pal, named Violet.



Violet and Valentino first met during one of our tour stops in France. They bumped into each other while Valentino and Oliver were on a stroll, exploring Paris. They hit it off straight away, bonding over their passion for fashion.

They related to each other on things like their complicated love for designer shoes. How they admired them but also struggled with the craving to chew on them.

 Their shoe love is a true but star-crossed love.

Fast forward to today and Violet’s letter explaining her concern for her human.


 Valentino wasted no time gathering us up. 

 He explained Violet’s human had an upcoming school dance. The dance is the perfect opportunity for us to play our music and have it work, it’s peaceful magic.


So, off to Paris, we go!


The Peacemakers have a lot of ground to cover.



After we arrive, my fellow Peacemakers are occupied with arranging our equipment in the school’s gymnasium.

 I volunteer to run some urgent shopping errands.

Paris couture, here I come! 

Oh, Chanel, it’s been too long. 

(What? Valentino chewed all my shoes). 

As I roam the city to get my crucial mission accomplished, I reflect on what Violet told us when we met today. She gave us more details on what’s been going on with her human.

How and when she noticed the signs of bullying. It started with her faking sick to avoid going to school. She’d come home with her books or jewelry “missing.”

She’d even stopped spending time with her best friends.

 There’s name-calling, shoving, and whispers of hurtful rumors. I think to myself, what in the name of Army Pink is going on around here?!

Us Peacemakers better put on the best show we can. These students need us, let our music change things.



I push through the gym doors and jog to the stage. The other Peacemakers and I greet each other with determined looks. Valentino and Violet are in the crowd, smiling up at us with hope and faith in our musical magic.

As we begin to play, the magic, well, happens! Each note that floats from my keyboard is a call for unity. Every lyric Harmony sings is a call to embrace kindness.

 Axel’s guitar riffs send a constant flow of goodwill and cheer into the audience.

The magic overtakes the crowd.

 The difference our music makes is becoming clear. Icy frowns melt into warm smiles.   

 The students come together to dance in peace, no longer dividing themselves by anger.

 Hands raise in peace signs instead of fists. 

Valentino promises to quit eating all our shoes.

The students cheer as Corazon shoots flowers into the crowd for our grand finale.



The sense of peace that falls over the school is like seeing a rainbow after a rainstorm.

Us Peacemakers celebrate our victory with bear hugs and high fives.



A few weeks later, Valentino gets another letter from Violet. He gives me permission to read it out loud to the others.


“Mission accomplished!” I say, holding the letter high and grinning at all my friends.


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