Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic many countries have reported an increase in domestic violence and intimate partner violence. With households placed under the strains that come from security, health, money worries, and confined living conditions, more domestic violence helplines and shelters across the world are reporting rising calls for help. People in abusive relationships are at an extremely heightened risk of danger when they plan to leave their abuser. This fact is why we found it essential to help a survivor in planning their escape. Army Pink donates 100% of the proceeds from our Peace Pendant to provide safe transportation for a survivor to escape the violence.

With a call to Peace Over Violence, a staff member will arrange to pick up a survivor--or survivors--in a private car. They will later be provided with whatever form of transportation they require. Whether it is plane or a long-distance driver; Peace Over Violence will get them to their place of refuge. Donations enable a survivor, or a family of survivors, to reach optimal safety conditions as soon as possible, in the method best suited to their case.