Buy A Pendant, Provide A Ride

Army Pink represents strength and empowerment. The Peace Pendants are not only a nod toward empowerment; they're a genuine show of support. A dollar from every pendant goes to fund transportation to help someone escape an abusive relationship. We are dedicated to working with partners across the country and globe to make the world a better place. Our uniquely beautiful items raise funds and awareness for causes that have the greatest impact on people's lives. 

The current Peace Pendant collection has donations going to support Los Angeles based organization Peace Over Violencea nonprofit 501c3, multicultural, community based and volunteer centered organization dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence. To achieve this mission their agency manages five departments delivering the services of Emergency, Intervention, Prevention, Education and Advocacy. Army Pink's donations are specifically allocated for transportation to help get someone to a safe place.