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Hi Marlene




Hi Marlene- Thanks for the email! Cynthia Modders is my business partner and she helped me to relaunch my brand, Army Pink. We are leading with our statement piece. (The Peace Pendants). We have been in a campaign testing mode and now want to move into a focused strategy and have the right people to make this work. Here is a bit of info.


I have 375 very supportive influencers on Instagram that have participated in the initial Peace Pendant campaign. Also, a few celebrity types that are really happy to help again themselves and connect me to other celebrities that may want to help us as well. There's more info on much of this in the brand deck that's linked at the end of this page.

I have a long time connection with someone at Sanrio Far East in Japan and plan to check and see if there's any way to have any type of online collaboration. 

Girls seriously go above and beyond when posting and sharing their pendants, simply because they want to. A larger, coordinated marketing effort would be amazing.

I have lots of influencers who can do live streams for me. This girl in particular has sent me content/ pictures/ videos, at least 20 times since getting her pendant. She messages me often about how much it means to her and wants to help in any way possible. 

I get messages from girls/ women all the time with their stories of abusive relationships and other hard times they're going through. I did notice with the younger gamer girls, many only had ever posted images of their gaming set ups. Quite a few messaged to let me know they were going to post the first picture of themselves on their Instagram in support of the Army Pink pendant because of how much it meant to them.

Others commented feeling more confident to do so when in support of such an amazing cause. This girl specifically messaged me about how painful it was for her to work through her fears of posting her picture but she had to in support of the pendant. She said that she was abused her whole life and told that she was ugly so she hates her picture. I wasn't expecting girls to message me that they cried when receiving their pendant but so many have. I know we can make this something really special with the right people involved. 

In September, we are submitting a line of Army Pink greeting cards to HALLMARK and Peace Pendant cards are special edition. Here is a look at 3. 


Please send any insight on where we should take it from here. I need to connect a sales and online strategy, I'm on my own with a box of pendants and need a solid plan to go to the next step. 

Here is a link to a couple of presentations. There's many animations in the Army Pink brand deck so it really only works best when viewed in PPT. 

Please let me know your thoughts and when may be a good time to talk. 

Looking forward to it!