Questions & thoughts to ponder for Elie

A couple of questions and thoughts to ponder for our call;

    1. The animations are expressive through body language – less so when static. - Correct. The Peacemakers are intended for mini-scenes, both animated in social media and static in certain product applications with their body poses conveying their emotions. The visual priorities for product applications is 1) Logo, 2) Tank, 3) Peacemakers.
    2. Have you ever explored facial features on your characters? - Here is a jpeg of some thoughts, my feeling is that this will require a discussion about the brand and what you feel it needs. Here is Olivia happy, angry and meditating for world peace!  
  • I know your Brand is to about supporting PEACE as a theme…but I had a thought…
  • Have you ever considered expanding the cause to other purposes? 
  • ARMY PINK could represent a variety of woman’s initiatives to a wider range of audiences and opportunities…
  • ARMY PINK SAVES THE WORLD!                                     
    • By example, ARMY PINK could pivot to take on themes of health and humanity at a time of GLOBAL VIRUS PANIC and FEAR. - Yes to all of that. Army Pink stands for peace and love in all its social variants for positive change. Army Pink has worked with an organization called Peace Over Violence, dedicated to providing safe transportation for survivors of abuse to escape their abuser, they also have a program called Schools Over Violence for middle and high school kids. Additionally, I was speaking with a second organization, Girl Up,  about working on an initiative with Army Pink. Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide. The mission of peace can support an endless number of initiatives, the goal is to find ones that will have the greatest impact for the target audience and that best suit the age range of that audience.   
    • Your updated brand presentation is looking good; thank you!
      • Please add a timeline slide of the brand events from 2001 until now? Timeline has been added to the updated presentation.