Blueprint Thoughts for Cynthia

Army Pink empowering girls worldwide!

We have has 100's of empowering messages for women & girls.

 Hangtags With Messaging

While Peace and Love are strong themes for the Army Pink brand, the tag line can be updated to reflect more of a connection to the girls and women.

 E commerce shop is currently built as a full store on Shopify. Please see some examples of these private store pages below. I created 100's of items and over 30 collections for The Army Pink trademarked logo was counterfeited before I could even launch so I hid the store from the website and decided on a new  strategy-  to find the perfect person to work with.

Here are a few examples from the hidden store:






Social Media

Army Pink currently has 150 Million views of our Gifs. Each week there are apx. 2 million new views being distributed, viewed and shared on every social media platform through our Giphy brand partnership.

On Pinterest Army Pink is currently getting over 8.5 million monthly views

All Army Pink social media platforms are created, optimized and ready for a launch strategy. Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter. 

Specifically Tik Tok and Youtube could be great to focus on. %52 of 13-18 year olds are using Tik Tok with %45 of 18-24 year olds as well. Youtube ranks really high for the younger demo from 13-18. Army Pink could work with a well loved Youtuber that has the perfect audience for Army Pink.

Content, Videos & Stories 

Army Pink has built up thousands of pieces of content from images, graphics, artwork, videos, animations, gifs, presentations, blogs. 


Supporting Social Good


In addition to BooBoo Stewart, Army Pink has engaged with celebrities such as Olivia Holt, Ava Alan and Maddie Ziegler.

Causes & Donations

While there are an endless number of causes and initiatives that Army Pink can support, Girl Up is one example of an organization that I have talked with. 




Launch Item

I think a great item that is unique to launch the brand are the Tank Necklaces. This item is perfect to stand out and is one of Army Pink's trademarked designs.