Art Examples





OLIVIA is a free spirit, lively, animated and adventurous. The friends look to her for inspiration and ideas. Since she is always standing up for a good cause, she is most likely to be found at your local peaceful protest.
She is a free spirit as well as an old soul; a team player yet a natural-born leader. She loves to garden in her spare time, her flower beds are the stuff of legend.
She is famous for her love of fashion and fashion design; she keeps up with the latest trends while managing to set some of her own. Olivia is extremely protective of her friends and family and is renowned for her warm and reassuring presence.
Even though she adores all the Marchers, most of her time is spent wherever her childhood sweetheart and best friend Oliver. Olivia always wears pink shoes and a pink flower in her hair.
Likes: Flowers, debates, reading, swimming, protests, sewing, shopping, desserts, nature walks.
Favorite Things: Strawberries, gardening, mediation, clothing design, botanical gardens, peacemaking, romantic comedies,
Personality Traits: Loyal, sweet, strong-willed, responsible, optimistic, brave, outgoing, adventurous
TANK is a leader in the arms of peace. The Marchers know when she is on the move, it is time to follow because Tank is on a mission to help better the world. Tranquility and humanity always march alongside Tank, whoever comes across her will instantly feel that. Tank drives out the gloom to make way for the gleam of new hope.
HOPE She’s the most musical of our four friends and can almost always be seen with her signature pink guitar. Hope lives at the highest pitch of excitement. As sweet as she is fierce, Hope never hesitates to do the right thing. Although she worships all things vintage, the 80's are her favorite decade. She has an epic sweet tooth and can be a bit of a daredevil. She loves the history of music as much she loves the music itself. She considers her fellow Marchers family. Her goal is to write a new song every day, most often about peace and you guessed it… hope!
Personality Traits: Creative, Fun, loyal, daydreamer, open-minded, lively, fearless
Likes: Guitar, songwriting, sweets, 80's horror movies, vintage stores, new adventures
Favorite Things: Her pink guitar, Cherry Garcia ice cream, vinyl records, female fronted bands, road trips
OLIVER His friends think he’s sometimes too serious, but Oliver is the organizer in the group. Oliver is constantly on the lookout for new ways to achieve inner peace, he has never met a yoga mat or Zen garden he didn't like. When he isn't busy trying to reach true nirvana, he is doodling something in his trusty sketchpad.
Oliver is eager to lend a sympathetic ear to someone in need; he is the one you can turn to for advice during a crisis. He is the person you can’t not like. Oliver’s main source of inspiration for his sketches is his childhood sweetheart and best friend, Olivia.
He loves telling--and hearing--cheesy jokes almost as much he loves his fellow Marchers. Oliver can always be counted on to come up with the ideas of how to get things done, usually with his canine pal, Valentino, by his side.
Likes: Charcoal pencils, healing crystals, art galleries, classic rock, teamwork, animals, film festivals, mediating
Favorite things: Classic movies, newsboy caps, Sushi, peace rallies, classic cars, yoga mats, incense, Valentino, being one with the universe
Personality Traits: Quick-witted, silly, quirky, dedicated, wise, resourceful
RIFF is the peacemaker, the one who helps these friends find solutions that work for all. Harmony’s latest songs are almost always playing with the latest gadget stashed in his pocket.
Riff wants to be a world-famous music producer, so to prepare for his future, he’s taught himself to play several different instruments. Skateboarding is his second love after music.
He collects vintage skateboards and has folders bursting with sheet music. His calm and easy-going personality is what draws people to him. He is the mediator in the Marchers.
Likes: Hip-hop, recording studios, creating new playlists, Vans, Taco Bell, skate parks, the outdoors
Favorite Things: Quesadillas, longboards, music posters, biographical movies, graffiti art
VALENTINO Oliver’s constant companion, unless this sophisticated and well-dressed pup is hanging with Olivia, Riff and Hope. Some may say he’s spoiled—but being spoiled and having excellent taste are two very different things.
Likes: Walks, couture, treats, runways, Rudolph Valentino
Favorite Things: Oliver, high fashion, New York Fashion Week, milk bones, silk lining, squeaky toys, hand-sewn floral embellishments, naps