Shining A Light On Abuse: Empowering Abuse Survivors

Shining A Light On Abuse: Empowering Abuse Survivors

The Army Pink brand is all about gathering “real life” experiences that will foster strength, empowerment and awareness, for those who have been affected by an abusive relationship. Join us on YouTube as we interview amazing guests with  inspiring stories of strength, survival, and finding peace.

In this interview teaser from Army Pink prepare for a transformative experience as we introduce you to Ruth, Kathy, and Serena—three incredible women who have overcome unimaginable hardships. Please visit our website for more information: This teaser gives you a sneak peek into their journeys from abuse to empowerment. We are joined by an esteemed panel of guests who bring unique perspectives to this critical issue. Ruth Glenn, who not only survived domestic abuse but now leads the fight against it as the President of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She firmly believes in the power of sharing survivors' stories, Kathy Picard, an award-winning author and inspirational speaker, and Serena Mastin, an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and advocate for healing, who brings a multifaceted approach to the conversation. This teaser offers a glimpse into their upcoming full-length interviews where they delve deeper into their stories of survival, resilience, and triumph. Don't miss out on these riveting tales that promise to inspire and uplift. Together, we discuss the role of family, societal norms, and how to break free from the chains of abuse. Don't miss this enlightening and empowering conversation.


Video Title: Inspiring Stories Of Three Remarkable Survivors: Ruth, Kathy, & Serena - Teaser 2 | This video is about Inspiring Stories Of Three Remarkable Survivors: Ruth, Kathy, & Serena - Teaser 2. But It also covers the following topics:

Healing From Trauma Real-Life Abuse Stories Support For Abuse Victims

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✅ About Army Pink. The Army Pink brand is all about gathering “real life” experiences that will foster strength, empowerment and awareness, for those affected by an abusive relationship. We donate a dollar from every item we produce to the non-profit Peace Over Violence, to fund transportation for someone to escape their abuser and reach safety. The Army Pink mission is based on the founder's real-life experience with domestic violence. She decided that Army Pink would establish a mission of support and empowerment, helping others with the process of leaving an #abusiverelationship and becoming a survivor. Meet Army Pink's VP and host, Cynthia Modders: Licensing Entertainment executive and brand expert. She wanted to get involved in a brand with a real purpose, so she partnered with Army Pink. Visit us to learn how you can help: For Collaboration and Business inquiries, please use the contact information below: 📩 Email: 🔔Click subscribe and join Army Pink in our fight against domestic violence. Your support can help someone escape their abuser: 


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