Posted on December 23 2019


Welcome Back! I'm so happy you came back for Part Deux.

Our second movie is one I sought out myself. I recalled Netflix receiving some flack for teasing a viewer over it a couple of years ago. I had to avenge that customer’s honor.


“When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love - but will she be able to keep up her lie?”-IMDB



If James Cameron saw this CGI snow, he'd cancel the Avatar sequels by another fifty years.


 Favorite line so far, "His royal hotness".


I like her because she's a writer, as am I. (I'm already writing like a royal!) But please don't have this one her choose royalty over her career goals.



Nice castle.

Where's the Royal Christmas Snack?


The royal decor is 1000x less than terrifying than its American equivalent. 


Second favorite line, "There is nothing loose about this goose".



We have intrigue. She's going to pretend to be a math tutor to land the big scoop? Yasss Ace, build that portfolio.




The Royal Snack is amazingly tall. I would do a lot of stupid things for amazingly tall.


In what I see must be holiday movie tradition, the Royal Snack is out to convince Ace he's quirky and not like all the other princes.


The adorable sister of the Royal Snack has discovered Ace is terrible at math for a reason. Unsurprising. Most of us writers aren't exactly mathematicians. Cover. Blown.


Why is "Baby Shark" on a loop in my head? Watching a Christmas Prince with "Baby Shark" stuck in my head. Name a more wholesome moment, I'll wait.




The Royal Snack is an expert at archery. Katniss Everdeen, pack your bow.



The Royal Snack owned Ace in a snowball fight. Jack Frost, pack your snow. 



The Royal Snack is reluctant to accept the title of king. He is officially the only millennial in history to turn down a promotion.



She's snapping majestic photos of the Royal Snack on a horse unbeknownst to him for her "story". Okay 2019 Edward Cullen, we believe you.


*Insert Gossip Girl voiceover* Ace found adoption papers of the Royal Snack. He's not a real royal; Ace now has the ultimate story to break but will love and loyalty rule overcome the lure of becoming journalistic royalty?




That dress is everything, Ace. You better WORK!





Ace never has to betray anyone, his cousin and his ex have outed the Royal Snack for being adopted during then extravagant Christmas ball! 



(Now there's a sentence I'd never thought I'd type...)



The Royal Snack is going to try to triumph over his cousin for the title of King. He's a strong, independent prince who don't need no royal bloodline!




Ace saved the Royal Snack with a poem, an acorn, and a letter. This woman Macgyver of royal title loopholes. 


Long live the King Of This Imaginary Country I Can't Remember The Name Of!

They're getting engaged? After knowing each other for a week? I'm telling Elsa.



At least she started her own successful blog beforehand. 

Thus, with a kiss, Ace and the Royal Snack go on to star in two apparently popular sequels to this.



Final thoughts: What is so very fantastic about art of any kind is, we all absorb it in different ways. It means distinct things to each and every distinct person.

While these movies weren't to my taste, to be fair, they didn't feature topics or themes that personally interest me; so I'm not their target audience, in any case.


The movies were cute and harmless overall.


As somebody who gets flack for my taste in movies--people say the films I like are weird or boring all the time.

Emphasis on weird...


I would never tell someone whatever movies bring them happiness are less superior to the movies that bring me my own. 


Never apologize for what brings you joy. 



I wish you unlimited joy this holiday season!








                                           See you in 2020!


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