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  7.5 Things Millennials Have Done Right 

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We is kind, we is smart, we is important--we are not buying diamonds and enabled Hooter’s shut down. Just the term “Millennial” causes visions of hipster flannel, CBD lattes, and Soundcloud mumble rappers to dance in my head. It’s just a word meant to classify my generation. So why all the bad mental associations?
As a Millennial myself, it feels as if I spot a headline exclaiming new research has proven another avenue in which are a are spoiled and naive-- despite us growing up smack dab in the middle of the Recession, and living through our families losing everything is lazy and not buying homes--never mind, we are the most formally educated and underpaid generated to date.
A generation navigating an economy polar opposite to the one past generations were so successful and independent in. An economy whose condition is a direct result of that Recession we came of age in. But, alas, we have yet to achieve society’s current definition of domestic, I believe we amount to more than overemotional sloths and here is why. . .
1. Body Positivity is Important
We are set on celebrating all body types because idealizing one body type is a setup for failure. DNA and genetics build bodies as differently as machines, and we acknowledge and embrace that. We are not propelling unhealthy habits, we are simply conscious of and celebrate realities like, a waif will never achieve the build of a beefy pro wrestler, and vice versa. It is better to love yourself for how you, hate yourself for not living up to the cover of an airbrushed magazine. 
2. Women Empowering Women
We questioned and rebelled against the notion that women are meant to compete with one another and be in a constant state of division. We know our generation will prosper if we are a unified front rather than standing apart for superficial reasons.
3. Support Of The LGBTQ+ Community
“Seven percent of Millennials identify either as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender,”-Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) In light of our generation having of members LGBTQ+ community than others, we are huge on promoting gay rights and equality. Most of us subscribe to the philosophy, if everybody is of age and everything is consensual, let people do their thing. Relationships operate the same no matter the gender of those in it. Sexual orientation does not make it likely more one couple will be more prone to make sacrifices under a full moon than the other. We have seen enough members of the community become victims of physical violence and mental abuse, and we will not condone the continuation of that.
4. Care About Protecting the Climate And Environment
It has been scientifically proven the thing we live on is not at peak condition, and with there not being another thing able to sustain human life for us to fall back on, it’s a cause for slight concern. An impaired and unbalanced ecosystem will lead to general unpleasantness. If establishing new rules to maintain the health of the two marks us as bleeding heart hippies, then bleeding heart hippies we will be.
5. Acceptance 
If a boy wants to wear makeup, and a girl shops in the men’s section, we’re cool with it. If no one is hurting anyone else, or endangering the safety of others, many Millennials don’t spare these things a second thought. People are free to live as they choose.


6. Taking a Stand Against Victim Blaming and Shaming

Millennials are firm believers in accepting responsibility for your actions, along with accountability. The days of women picking clothing out based on not tempting the male species into thoughts of the impure variety are dying away. The movement toward confronting the problem is in full swing. The message we are trying to send, and changes we are striving to implement, are simple yet powerful--punish the people who commit the crimes, not the victim. Blaming predators for their predatory actions, not the length of the victim’s skirt. 

7. Fighting Racism And Bigotry


 If the first step in the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem, our generation has a running start. Race issues are real and urgent, and it does not sit well with us to have this swept under the rug. Human beings have the right to be treated as human beings, not a stat or a stereotype, and Millennials speak up and take action in defense of this, no matter the cost. 

7.5 We Are Hilarious

Name a generation who has more inside jokes with one other, I’ll wait. As the gen who grew up with the Chapelle Show and South Park, we like our memes, we are fond of our funny tweets, we adore our self-deprecating jokes--and we love, love, love our sarcasm. Millennials are Laughter is the Best Medicine disciples, we seek out to lighten the mood whenever possible. I say it’s a way healthier coping mechanism in comparison to generations of yesteryear.


No witch trials or gallows in sight. Millennials ultimately want fairness and respect to prevail over fear and hatred. We are a young generation doing our best to improve the future, while not repeating the past. There is no end to the great things we will accomplish in the future.




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