A free spirit, lively, animated and adventurous. The friends look to her for inspiration and ideas. She always wears pink shoes and a pink flower in her hair. Loves to share sweets, especially with Oliver, her best friend. Shows emotion with a tilt of her head and a kick of her heel. With her friends by her side, Olivia is on a mission to empower a global army, making statements for peace in all they do.


While Olivia supplies the spark, Oliver delivers the goods. His friends think he’s sometimes too serious, but Oliver is the organizer in the group, always with the ideas of how to get things done.  With his penchant for taking action, he rarely sits still and you can almost always find him with his well-dressed canine pal, Valentino, by his side.


Axel is the peacemaker, the one who helps these friends find solutions that work for all. His greatest strength is his ability to listen to both sides of an argument. He adores Harmony’s music and almost always has one of her songs playing on the latest gadget stashed in his pocket.


She’s the most musical of our four friends and can almost always be seen with her signature pink guitar. Her goal is to write a new song everyday, most often about peace and… you guessed it… harmony!


Valentino is Oliver’s constant companion, unless this sophisticated pup is hanging with Olivia, Axel or Harmony. He’s a particularly good judge of character and has a keen eye for fashion – so don’t dress him up in any of those silly doggie outfits – he’s more comfortable with a bow tie and occasional top hat.

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